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Definition: un·der·ground

Situated, occurring, or operating below the surface of the earth

Hidden or concealed; clandestine

Of or relating to an avant-garde movement or its films, publications, and art, usually privately produced and of special appeal and often concerned with social or artistic experiment.

In secret; stealthily.

Founded in 2011, the (Underground Joyride) serves the purpose for all visual & creative arts and entertainment in Chicago. JoySay, the originator, tries to keep her pulse on what’s new and under-discovered yet so deserving of being exposed to the world. 

Much Peace and Many Blessings, 

– The UndergroundJoyride Staff

 The Originator: Joyce Sparks (@Joysay) born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, right on King Drive and Before 75th; discovered that she was a natural born writer and had a love for words and the stories they could tell at a young age. She is a graduate from Columbia College Chicago, whom instead of diving into the world of 9-5 jobs, created her own business, “JFS Writing”, along with “Underground Joyride”, where she can be a blessing and help others with their creative writing needs, while exposing the world to the up and coming artist who need recognition. Indulging in all things creative in and out of Chicago, you can find Joyce and the Joyride team there!

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  1. Hello,

    I am contacting you about building a relationship between your blog/website and the management company I work for. We have artists with new music coming out and we do events every month. Please let me know if this interests you.

    Andre DuBois
    Head of R&B/Soul Division
    SRG Management Firm

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