[New Post] Dream, Fulfilled.


So, right, for most of us dreamers, we legit get lost in our dreams. Like, ya’ll are family, so I feel confident in telling ya’ll one of my deepest, most vivid dreams…You couldn’t convince me that I wasn’t going to marry 

Drake. Yep. I said it. Like, I love Drake overload. Ya know how people go crazy for Beyonce’, only replace that with Drake and you have me, he’s amazing. But, I digress.

bey gif

Although my dreams for Drake may be far-fetched, a girl can have dreams, right? Wanna know some more tea about my life? I dreamed about this life of being an inspirational blogger and helping people along in their daily life. And you wanna know what? I’m doing it. If you’re still reading this post, thank you.

Now, here’s your goodie for the day.

Grab a notebook. Dream Big. Write it down. Tell no one.

…if they don’t know your dreams/they can’t shoot them down… – J.Cole 

Now, take that notebook everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I have three notepads with me right now.


<— See, I tell no lies.

Why do I need to take this everywhere with me?

So glad you asked. Out of sight, out of mind. If your dreams are in your sight, in your hand, you can’t forget them. Make the dream work, and you’ll never have to work another day in your life.