[New Post] Grace Under Pressure


There is a certain level of boss-ness that is applied to your character when you can walk through a situation under pressure. Like when you smoke the boardroom meeting, or the interview, or the event. There’s a level of, “I DID THAT THANG”  that you feel.


But before you reach that level, there is a pruning season that you have to go through. There is a season of planning and research before that board meeting. There is a time before the interview, where you contemplate when you get the job how you can change your circumstances. When there is a brief moment after the sold out event and you recap all the hard work, tears, and sweat you put into.

All three of these very different scenarios have something in common, they involve a – what if? That pruning season, what-if season and why me season is meant to teach you grace under pressure.

When you want more out of life and you want every blessing that is meant for you, there comes a moment where you’ve been through so much that your, grace under pressure is applied instantly. 


So, go ahead. Walk into your season confidently knowing that if something goes left, instead of right, you ARE grace under pressure.