[New Post] I’m Selfish, So What?


If all else fails, there’s no reason to not be good to yourself, after all, no one knows your story and no one has lived your life verbatim, right?

What I’ve recently gained knowledge on, is the fact that no one except yourself is going to take time out for yourself. If you, like me, lend yourself to so many other areas of life, I tend to forget that I don’t operate at 100%, unless I’m 100%, which means taking more time for myself and doing what’s necessary for me!┬áSome call it selfish, I call it an investment. I’ve learned to let “no” and “not right now” enter my vocabulary a little bit more…and you know what? Operating at 100% never felt so good.

Drop a line below and let me know what you, “selfishly” do every week.