[New Post] In The End…



This past Sunday was emotional.

It was one of those days were you’re completely convinced that 24 hours isn’t enough time in the day and you’re frazzled at the thought of your to-do list.

I’d just left a great worship service and was on my way to Northwestern Hospital to visit a relative with my mom. I, like any normal non-medical person, really dislikes hospitals. It creeps me out, man. It also makes me sad, because my family member was in ICU. So the thought of families in similar or totally different situations, suffering the same fate that we might, is rough. I mean, ICU is ICU.

But this time, it was a little different.


See, sitting in his sterile hospital room taught me about the blows to life that we suffer everyday. The setbacks, kickbacks, and smacks that we take every. single. day. Man, I can’t tell you how many “no’s” or “unfortunately not’s” I’ve heard lately. And honestly, those don’t, “fuel my fire” or make me want to “grind harder!” They actually suck to hear.

But here’s where I swoop in to motivate you.

With all the no’s and disappointments that you and I encounter..we MUST move forward with our destiny.

One Sunday a while back, I heard a guest pastor say this, “…When you die, we cry. We then talk about how good of a life you lived. We go to the cemetery, bury you. Then we go back to the repast/luncheon, we eat chicken, greens, corn bread, drink some punch, eat some cake, laugh and reminisce. Afterwards, we go home and get ready for the week. Life goes on.”

And although that might be a harsh, cut and dry reality, it’s true. What will your funeral say?…”She always had dreams and ideas, but never had the courage to follow them, too bad.”…”He was always crafty with his hands, we wonder why he never opened that handy-man shop?” …”She was soooo close to getting that degree, she just stopped going to school.”

See, the life we live, is the funeral that will be preached. So whether we die 75 years from now, or not, what do you owe to yourself to accomplish? Maybe what you’ve been putting off, shouldn’t be put off anymore. Do it.

P.S. My uncle is doing better, much better. It’s touch and go, a day at a time.