[New Post] Moment of Silence…


Through science, it’s proven that the best way to start your day is breakfast, especially if you’re trying to create a healthy lifestyle. Well, what if I told you there’s a couple of steps before you get out of bed?

No, I’m super serious.

I’m pretty sure I can tell you the first thing that you do when you open your eyes…

You turn that alarm clock off….Or press snooze. (I press snooze)….

BUT, before you pick up that phone to check Facebook and look at emails, have a moment of silence for yourself.64237153What I’ve learned is that silence lets you reconnect, rest, and relax. It allows you to gather your thoughts and then slay the day even more! But, it takes practice and lots of it. I, like you, have always been too busy for my own good, but I’ve learned to allow myself a breather. A moment or two to just think about how i’m going to kill the day. silence2

That pep talk, that moment of silence, has the ability to help  you achieve and maintain your goals. So when you turn that alarm clock off tomorrow, take a minute to just breathe, think and kill your goals!!