[New Post] Nothing. At. All. That’s What We Owe You.


That’s what the world owes us. Sometimes we lose ourselves before we even get started; so much so, that we end up doubting ourselves out of our destiny. 

Preparation and over thinking are two different things.

Overthinking, actually kills the preparation..but that’s for another day.

Look, it’s as simple as this.

If your life situation changes today, if they let you go, if God forbid, you get into an accident, to where your life is in confusion, are you prepared? Or are you counting on something that isn’t even secure. We have to stop holding on to the security of a job, and start working on our career. We have to stop worrying about instant gratification and seek longevity. We have to stop living check to check, and start paying ourselves. Stop being complacent and start being productive.

What has been holding you back or down is no longer an excuse. Too many resources and so much wealth and knowledge surrounds us these days. Get up, get out and go get it for yourself. Period.

Here’s a little inspiration created by Evan Carmichael to get you going.