[New Post] Shut Up..No, Seriously Stop Talking.


Clearly, I have the gift of gab. I’m a writer. I can’t help it. But, I do know when to shut up. And that’s quite often. 

Not everyone is designed to know everything that’s going on in your head. Whether that be goals, ideas, anger or relationship problems, not everyone needs to know.

Not everyone can handle your situation. Sorry, not sorry., Your mom, sister, brother and BFF don’t need to know.

The next time the gift of gab has you dialing or texting someone, shut up and think about how this is going to help or hurt your situation. Are they agreeing with me because that’s what their supposed to do? Is this fueling the fire? Is it really necessarily to talk to them about this?  Why am I even talking about this?

And don’t feel bad if you can’t master this technique quickly, I just told my mom something on Tuesday that I should’ve kept to myself. ( I’m admittedly a work in progress and to my defense, my mom has great advice.) Even though I blabbed to my mom, and she has great advice, I’m still her daughter, so she’s biased and only wants the best for me. The same with my best friend, and sister.

So here’s my challenge to you for the weekend, just. shut. up… I’m sure you’ll find that the answer and the peace that you seek, you already have within yourself.

Cheers to the weekend, and believing in yourself!