[New Post] The Battle Of My Life


Lemme tell you how much of it I don’t have. None. At. All. Patience is literally the battle of my life. 

I’m one of those, everything has to be perfect and it has to be perfect, now. Why, wait? Often times, the best results, the best additions to your life require some time-line of patience.

Which, I don’t have.

So for a while, I was stuck. As hell. Real life stuck as hell. I wanna be this awesome, inspirational, blogger person, mogul! And did I say that I wanted it now?!?

But, see here’s the problem, “awesome, inspirational, blogger person” makes no sense.giphy

I had a lot going on. I knew the end goal, and I knew what I wanted; but in order to work backwards and achieve that goal, I had to get quiet and achieve some clarity. I had to figure out in one sentence, what I was trying to do. Once I figured that out, it took patience to get Undergroundjoyride.comwhere it needed to be.

For instance:

My website got deleted, by accident, for two weeks. Patience.

My logo had to be re-designed. Patience.

I had to re-work, re-write and re-edit nearly everything, Patience.

Over time, I’ve gained more patience and learned that some of the best creations in life, requires patience. Besides, if we tackle obstacles right the first time, we won’t have to do them again. Patience.