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Lead Not Folllow

Pause. Now think about it.

I watched a word this morning that changed my perspective. Actually, I just lied, because I watched two pieces of word that changed my life. Forever.  Who do you follow?  More importantly, should you be leading them?

We are so used to following people that sometimes, we may miss out on our chance to be leaders. It’s no secret, iMentor. I’ve been mentoring for about 10 years more or less, it was a calling on my life that I didn’t choose when I was younger, but I’ve grown to embrace it. But now, it is amazing to see the ladies that I used to mentor and still do, now mentor, the younger girls. They’ve transitioned from followers to now, leaders.

Who do you follow on social media? Who do you follow in life? Do you follow trends or set them? Reexamine your people and your life and if they’re not adding to YOU…what are they taking away?