Underground Tips For The Art

  Tip #21: Never be the smartest person in the room. Tip #6: Believe in your vision more than anyone else does. Tip #23: Always have your elevator speech ready. Tip# 17: Positions of Power change everyday, You need to know whose in control at the top. Tip#16: Stay Alert Tip #3: Hustle. Tip #47: Know You Craft. Tip #56: Never Stop Learning. Tip #89: Develop a passion and vision for yourself. Tip #11: Hang Around Like-Minded POSITIVE People. Tip #8: Believe In Yourself and Your Product. Tip #307: Build A Brand: Companies prefer if you come with a whole package. Make sure the company and the public, knows who you are. Tip#12: A name means everything, make sure it speaks to who you and are your purpose. Tip #202: Always Have Edited and Un-Edited Tracks…Some labels and stations allow cursing, while others don’t! Always be prepared. Tip #36: Make sure your work is available on several outlets, and that you can be reached at all times. Dont wanna miss that important email or call because you didn’t pay the bill. Tip #3: Always check your business email, everyday. Tip #76: Make sure people outside of family and friends have judged your work, honesty over everything. Feedback? Questions?

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